Welcome to my site. It's been a long time since I've written anything.

I just came out with many new songs. I have one on this page.

Everyone's life has changed in the time of this pandemic. That has

given me more ammunition to write about the state of affairs we are in. We Are One,

Make Things Right and Better Days. Our country is becoming more divided.

We need a world where we can all unite. We are all human. We need truth, humanity

and empathy. Hoping for a new leader in 20/20 to make things right.Vote Blue!

Executive Order 

With all the hate and insanity that has been going on since #45 took office, we need more love. Executive order is

a song based on all the things that trump has done since his campaign to present. You can't cure hate with hate. Insanity with insanity. We need to get along on both sides of the faction. No more war! No more prejudice!  we wantPeace, love and and coherence. 


new recordings 

Hi  everyone! I haven't written a blog in a while. I'm in the process of recording new original tunes @ kilgore studios. 16 new tunes and I'm still writing. It's very different and more expressive and expansive of myself. I don't feel the age at all. In fact I enjoy getting older, learning more about health, diet and exercise. I've been practicing the piano and drums and more in tune with my inner self. Focused. Should have new tunes for you sometime in july.  Stay tuned. Love, Sunny

In Another Dream coming soon! 

Good Morning! I wake up at 6am every morning! So excited about my new CD coming soon. In Another Dream! It's the best CD so far to date. My music video of my new song release A Fool In Her Eyes should be ready within a few weeks. The band, background vocals and everything on this new CD sounds amazing! Stay tuned for more updates! Cheers!

Elaine Stritch Event 

The house was packed at the metropolitan room. As i told my story of how I met elaine at my favorite store wolfords and she helped me pick out this wonderful dress. She said " That dress is you Sweetie" Buy the Damn dress!'then i sang there will never be another you and  i wrote a special  interlude for the song especially for her. she was a great woman. there will never be another elaine Stritch!

In Another Dream 

Been working on my new CD " In Another Dream" @ Kilgore Studios. It's the best vocals and music up to date.

The songs are rich and meaningful. I'm so excited about this new Album. It's dreamy quality puts you in a trance.

After the CD is finished in about a month. Watch out for my Birthday CD Release Party Sept.18th 7PM @ The Metropolitan Room.

So exciting! Big Band new songs cake. Big celebration. Make your reservation now! 212-206-0440

The Metropolitan Room. 34 W. 22nd St.

A Brand New CD 

Working on a new CD Great new Tunes! New Recording Studio! Can't wait. Rhythm session again next week. Yay!

Have 5 down w/ voice need 5 more to go. All new, all exciting! Stay tuned!

Believe In Love CD 

I finally finished my CD. It's called Believe in Love!

Sounds amazing! It is warm and makes you feel good

when you listen to it. These songs tell stories about women

of all ages to get what they deserve. Love, admiration and respect.

Spring, Spring, Spring Show 

Hello Gang!

Had so much fun at my Spring, Spring, Spring show!

The food was great! Lots of great people! wine was flowing!

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