New CD

Trixie is helping me create and give me kisses

on the finishing touches of my CD. She has great



Curve of Darkness CD

My new Album "Curve of Darkness is almost done. It's sounding amazing.

The band is a killer! I'm so excited. My vocals get better with every song.

Now I have to finish mixing this week.


My New CD

Working on a new CD. All new, all different. We sold so many CD's before and so inexpensive to make, had to make a new one.

Rock, pop, Funk, Latin, R&B.  Sunny Leigh, me sings with A KILLER band of…

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About some of the songs on Sweet Feelings CD


It seems to me that some men do not want to commit to a relationship. They don’t realize that being in a relationship could add deeper meaning to their lives.

Positive attitude

Life is difficult. You choose how you…

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About Sweet Feelings CD

My songs are honest, open and realistic. Sometimes the subject matter is tough. But sometimes life is tough. I like to send people a message of hope. You must always keep on trying. You must persevere. You may not get…

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