It's fun skiing in the Berkshires. It's over a foot of snow.

Working on creating new songs for my third CD.

Will be recording in 10 days.


Working on New Songs for New CD

Writing new songs for a new album. Starting to record

in February. I have about 10 new songs. Lyrics by Sunny Leigh and Music by Barry Levitt. It's an eclectic group of rhythms and words. This new new album leads…


People ask me my diet, how I keep my figure

Love to cook! I love my body. That's because I love to eat food! People think if they starve themselves they will get thinner.Not true! The more you eat the right stuff of course, your body will love you and…

The Bitter End

The Bitter End Gig June 6th with my band was very intense. I started out stalking the stage

waiting for the sound guy to get ready and tech me in.We had a wonderful crowd.

Legendary Chris Parker played the drums…


Reviews from CD Release Party March 25th 3PM @ The Triad

Loli Marquez- Sterling  SUNNY...Thank you for my CD!!...but most of all thank you for a great show. Your writing talents are many...your performance right on from start to end!! Thank you for sharing ALL of your music and talents! XXOO…


CD Release Party March 25th

It’s that time of the year again. Spring is just around the corner. It’s time to shake off the winter blahs and I’ve got the perfect way to do it! Join me Sunday March 25th 3PM for my new…

Curve of Darkness

As I'm finalizing the mixes of the CD and thinking about the name. I decided on calling it theCurve of Darkness from one of my new tunes. This song is filled with magic and whispering sounds... soothing percussion and…