Sunny Leigh - Singer, Songwriter

Sunny Leigh is an artist,writer, singer, dancer, poet, actress and healer. She lives her life guided by one fundamental truth, love is the answer. Her songs are honest, realistic portrayals of life. A life lived by a woman. A life full of honest realities, a life of love. She started in show business when she was a child and starred in " Curley McDimple" opposite Bernadette Peters and numerous TV commercials. She also had featured roles on television shows such Law and Order, One Life to Live and Another World. Among her film appearances were roles in Trading Places, Hair, Raging Bull and Serendipity. She tired of the show business grind and transitioned into dual careers in art and fashion. Over the next 20 years, although successful at both, she never lost her love of music. She wrote constantly and soon turned out over 1000 poems. Her love of music and dance demanded that some of those poems be set to music. The result is in your hands or on your Ipod. Songs filled with passion, creativity, honesty and above all, love. Songs that tell of one woman’s journey. "My healing is based on touch. We all need to touch and be touched. I hope my songs will touch you."


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