The Bitter End

The Bitter End Gig June 6th with my band was very intense. I started out stalking the stage

waiting for the sound guy to get ready and tech me in.We had a wonderful crowd.

Legendary Chris Parker played the drums like a magic trick so fast, loud and dexterous!

Everyone was rocking up a storm, grooving to the tunes. Craig Magnanao on guitar was very funky, out there

in front. Jeff Ganz had a wonderful walking bass, also sang back-ups for me.

Barry Levitt kicked ass on the piano and came out with his adorable personality

at the end to cheer up the crowd. I sang my ass off! All in all we put on a fabulous 

Show. Rocked the house, everyone was happy.

Next show is Metrojazz on July 3rd 7PM @ The Metropolitan Room, pre-fireworks and cake!

34 W.22nd St.(Bet.5th &6th) Please make reservations $15 Discount for MAC $10 (212) 206-0440

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