People ask me my diet, how I keep my figure

Love to cook! I love my body. That's because I love to eat food! People think if they starve themselves they will get thinner.Not true! The more you eat the right stuff of course, your body will love you and show you! If you are hungry. mangia. Listen to your body! Eat lots of romaine lettuces. Have big salads with avocados, beets and artichokes make it colorful! I snack on carrots,celery, egg whites,all dark green leafy vegetables,sugar snap peas and  drink lots of water! I have a pro vanilla isagenix shake in the morning. Fruits in the morning and afternoon it's protein veggies and salads. I omit the grains except for quinoa. Sweet bi-colored corn on the cob is in season! So sweet and delicious! I love all kinds of squash, especially butternut and acorn. I'm roasting an organic chicken now w/ lemon and rosemary. I have an acorn squash baking in the oven. So people, eat up! Then do sit-ups and push-ups before you go to bed and when you wake up! Rock on!

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