Today was the day Cassini died! So many beautiful photos of planet Saturn and the moons that surrounded it. There may be life there.

There's always hope.

My New Album Executive Order has wonderful exciting songs like Cassini.

Click on the song Executive Order on the homepage it will bring you to my new CD.

Listen and download!


Executive Order


With all the hate and insanity that has been going on since #45 took office, we need more love. Executive order is

a song based on all the things that trump has done since his campaign to present. You can't cure hate with hate. Insanity with insanity. We need to get along on both sides of the faction. No more war! No more prejudice!  we wantPeace, love and and coherence. 



new recordings




In Another Dream coming soon!


Good Morning! I wake up at 6am every morning! So excited about my new CD coming soon. In Another Dream! It's the best CD so far to date. My music video of my new song release A Fool In Her Eyes should be ready within a few weeks. The band, background vocals and everything on this new CD sounds amazing! Stay tuned for more updates! Cheers!


Elaine Stritch Event


The house was packed at the metropolitan room. As i told my story of how I met elaine at my favorite store wolfords and she helped me pick out this wonderful dress. She said " That dress is you Sweetie" Buy the Damn dress!'then i sang there will never be another you and  i wrote a special  interlude for the song especially for her. she was a great woman. there will never be another elaine Stritch!


In Another Dream


Been working on my new CD " In Another Dream" @ Kilgore Studios. It's the best vocals and music up to date.

The songs are rich and meaningful. I'm so excited about this new Album. It's dreamy quality puts you in a trance.

After the CD is finished in about a month. Watch out for my Birthday CD Release Party Sept.18th 7PM @ The Metropolitan Room.

So exciting! Big Band new songs cake. Big celebration. Make your reservation now! 212-206-0440



A Brand New CD


Working on a new CD Great new Tunes! New Recording Studio! Can't wait. Rhythm session again next week. Yay!

Have 5 down w/ voice need 5 more to go. All new, all exciting! Stay tuned!


Believe in Love Show


Believe In Love CD


I finally finished my CD. It's called Believe in Love!

Sounds amazing! It is warm and makes you feel good

when you listen to it. These songs tell stories about women

of all ages to get what they deserve. Love, admiration and respect.


Spring, Spring, Spring Show


Hello Gang!

Had so much fun at my Spring, Spring, Spring show!

The food was great! Lots of great people! wine was flowing! The band was cooking. July 14th 4PM at The Metropolitan Room. W/ IRa Siegal, Jeff Ganz, Barry Levitt plus other heavy hitters for my new CD Release Party. Sign up make sure you get a reservation 212-206-0440


Third CD


Hey Gang,

Writing beautiful music, recording w/ a kick ass band.


CD # 3


Really excited bout my new CD. Not sure what I'm calling it yet. 

Sounds wonderful! Much different than the last one. My voice is growing.

The songs are growing. 

Need to take new pictures soon.

Next big event is May 19th at my loft.


Let me know if you would like to come.

Seating is limited.





It's fun skiing in the Berkshires. It's over a foot of snow.

Working on creating new songs for my third CD.

Will be recording in 10 days.


Working on New Songs for New CD


Writing new songs for a new album. Starting to record

in February. I have about 10 new songs. Lyrics by Sunny Leigh and Music by Barry Levitt. It's an eclectic group of rhythms and words. This new new album leads us on a journey of inspiration of courage, strength and a leap of faith of where your dreams can take you. Mississippi blues and funk, skunk grass and muddy waters.




Trixie is such a precious cat. She is 17yrs. old now. Brought her to the veterinarian  last week and they did all the usual tests. Blood work, x-rays, etc. The doctor said she was dehydrated and had a hyper active thyroid. Fluid  all around her organs. She put her on medication that I squirted into her mouth. She hated it. She felt sick and wouldn't eat for 2 days. So I stopped the meds. But now with lots of petting, having her by the wood burning stove and fresh water. she seems to have her appetite back. Also gave her some fresh cat nip that she loved.But she is still weak. I  put my song "Don't Give Up The Hope" on the audio player above at the top of the page in  green in honor of Trixie. Please enjoy it. If you want to download any songs you can find it in the store. Look at my latest CD "The Curve of Darkness"


And pray for Trixie!

This could be her last week on this planet.

God Bless you all! Life is precious!


RIP- Trixie passed away 12-3-12. She had a beautiful life. We were very close. I miss her always.  Love you Trixie my baby girl!


People ask me my diet, how I keep my figure


I put lots of love into my body. I watch everything I eat. Only something that feels really good. I never cheat. I am pathetic. I am so disciplined and it's a way of life for me. I love my body, the way it looks when I put on clothes and I want to keep it that way! I love to bake organic health cookies, chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin but I never eat any. 


Lingzhi mushrooms


Review of Metro Jazz @ The Metropolitan Room


By: Edie Stokes

What a truly unique show I saw at theMetropolitan Room recently called Metro-Jazz with Sunny Leigh. It stood out from other cabaret shows, as it was an interesting combination of older standard jazz tunes and new, original pieces by the songwriting duo of Barry Levitt and Sunny Leigh.



The Bitter End


The Bitter End Gig June 6th with my band was very cool. I started out stalking the stage

Waiting for the sound guy to get ready and tech me in.We had a wonderful crowd. Legendary Chris Parker played the drums like a magic trick


Reviews from CD Release Party March 25th 3PM @ The Triad


Loli Marquez- Sterling  SUNNY...Thank you for my CD!!...but most of all thank you for a great show. Your writing talents are many...your performance right on from start to end!! Thank you for sharing ALL of your music and talents! XXOO felicidades!  I wanted to hug you... You were just so adorable up there. I could sing your songs..i liked them sooooo BRAVO!

Jodi Waldron: "Hi Sunny...just wanted to let you know that my whole group of friends enjoyed your show tremendously.. everyone was impressed with the richness of your voice and the quality of your band! The consensus is that its time you audition for the X-Factor...not the Voice.... cause your stage presence is great also!"

Joey Infante - Sunny's show at the Triad was Great. Go see Sunny as you have never seen or heard her before..she will floor you. Songs written by Sunny and Music by Barry Levitt..another partnership hits New York.....totally entertaining..with a what I call "a kickass band". she has my vote !

Barbara Stettner Sunny, you were absolutely fantastic in your show. Your songs are really great, you certainly are one talented woman. I am going to come to your show at the Bitter End on June 6th, also I was very impressed with you band accompaniment!

Michael Dale Set to Barry Levitt‘s catchy melodies, Sunny Leigh’s bouncy lyrics promote a healthy, positive attitude for living and loving. She performs with rock-star enthusiasm and endless energy.

Zee Madison
Thanks for inviting me to your show. I enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed the quality of your voice & your original songs. 

Lisa Gallota   It was so great to experience your performance. You are blessed!!!

Susan Jefferies Wanted to thank you for inviting us to your show yesterday.  We really enjoyed being there and seeing your work.  As I told you yesterday you should be very proud of what you have accomplished!  Creating all that music and performing it for us with so much heart!  You are so lovely on the stage and I really liked it when you talked to the audience. Keep going girl!!!!!

Joan Jaffe  Hi Sunny - So glad I saw your show - You sang so well - looked so fantastic - and that band!! Congrats!! - xo Joan

Danielle Miceli Sunny, your show was fabulous!!  What a huge undertaking to write your own songs and perform them all for us!  You really impressed me.  There was such diversity in the styles of music Barry wrote and such beautiful, thoughtful lyrics by you.  Wonderful!  

Laurie VegaI just got the CD in the mail last night - AND I AM DANCING ALL OVER MY KITCHEN THIS MORNING!!!! Woooooooo mama this thing rocks!!! My eggs and bacon will never be the same!!! Mozel Tov on a brilliant project.







Cover of Curve of Darkness



New Songs New Album


So excited bout my new show and new CD releasing next week!

Rock and Roll, Be All Right, Don't Give Up, being in a world ruled by love!

Come join me and feel the love with all these groovin" songs and funked up band!

We will funk you up!




CD Release Party March 25th


It’s that time of the year again. Spring is just around the corner. It’s time to shake off the winter blahs and I’ve got the perfect way to do it! Join me Sunday March 25th 3PM for my new show "Believe in Love"  at The Triad 158 W. 72nd St.

 Bet. ( B’way and Col.)

 It’s a brand new show with brand new original songs.

 I’ve got the smokinest band in town!

Featuring Ira Siegal on guitar, Jeff Ganz on bass, Roger Squitero on percussion, the legendary Chris Parker on drums and of course maestro, Barry Levitt on piano.

Come join me, Sunny Leigh at The Triad to celebrate the release of my new CD

“ The Curve of Darkness”


Curve of Darkness


As I'm finalizing the mixes of the CD and thinking about the name. I decided on calling it the Curve of Darkness from one of my new tunes. This song is filled with magic and whispering sounds... soothing percussion and magic to the ears!



New CD


Trixie is helping me create and give me kisses

on the finishing touches of my CD. She has great



Curve of Darkness CD


My new Album "Curve of Darkness is almost done. It's sounding amazing.

The band is a killer! I'm so excited. My vocals get better with every song.

Now I have to finish mixing this week.


My New CD


Working on a new CD. All new, all different. We sold so many CD's before and so inexpensive to make, had to make a new one.

Rock, pop, Funk, Latin, R&B.  Sunny Leigh, me sings with A KILLER band of the best funk and R&B players in New York. 

Ira Siegal guitar-worked with Madonna, Whitney Houston, Anita Baker,

Chris Parker drums- Bob Dylan, Sat. night Live, Stevie Wonder and Bette Middler

Jeff Ganz Bass- Johnny Winter, The Village People, Rita Moreno, Roy Buchannan

Myra Cassales on percussion,

Barry Levitt maestro, and music partner.  This Album will be available on CD Baby in March. Come to CD Release Party at The Triad

March 25th 3PM go to calendar.


About some of the songs on Sweet Feelings CD



It seems to me that some men do not want to commit to a relationship. They don’t realize that being in a relationship could add deeper meaning to their lives.

Positive attitude

Life is difficult. You choose how you want to live your life. I choose to live my life with a positive attitude

Hold Back

Sometimes you feel and have a sense that something’s changed in a relationship and they’re not the same.

Slippin Away

You want to know where that person is emotionally. 

Can I Love you?

There’s and old saying. while the grass appears to be greener, it can leave a bitter taste in your mouth.This can be a problem is you apply it to a relationship 

Feeling the Pain

There’s only one thing that is guaranteed to destroy any relationship Lies.


About Sweet Feelings CD


My songs are honest, open and realistic. Sometimes the subject matter is tough. But sometimes life is tough. I like to send people a message of hope. You must always keep on trying. You must persevere. You may not get everything you want and things may not happen the way you thought they would but, if you try and give it all you have, something will happen. If you do nothing that’s exactly what you will get I believe that love is the most powerful force in the universe. It can change the way you feel, can bring you joy and happiness. It can change your whole outlook on life. The music is dance, hip hop, R and B and funk.